Chapter Eight: The Upside Down

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    Now knowing that Will is at Castle Byers in the Upside Down, Hopper and Joyce go to break into Hawkins Lab to bring Will back from the Upside Down. That’s when Nancy and Jonathan agree to go back to the Byers home to hunt the demigorgon (monster) again. When they get there, Steve comes over after he gets into a fight with his friend group. Nancy tries to tell him to leave because her and Jonathan have already cut themselves to attract the demigorgon but before Steve could leave, the demigorgon arrives. After a long battle with the demigorgon it escapes but is hurt. Shortly after, Hopper and Joyce find Will in the Upside Down!


    Meanwhile at the school, Mike and Eleven share a kiss while Dustin and Lucas get pudding. Then the bad men show up at the school to take away Eleven and the kids try to escape but get surrounded. So, Eleven uses her powers to kill everyone in their way but she passes out. We see that Papa is also there to get Eleven but before he can, the demigorgon shows up and attacks him! The kids make it into a classroom but the demigorgon shows up so Lucas uses his slingshot to protect everyone. On his third shot, Eleven wakes up and pins the demigorgon to the chalk board and slowly walks up to it. Eleven says goodbye to Mike and kills the demigorgon but she vanishes. When everything settles down, the kids go see Will in the hospital!


    One month later, everything seems to be somewhat back to normal but a few things are different. Nancy and Steve are back together but Nancy is now kissing Jonathan on the cheek. Hopper is now leaving out Eggo waffles in the woods for Eleven and Will coughs up what looks like a demigorgon baby slug in the sink! Then he has a brief flashback to him being in the upside down!


    Season 1 Recap-

    What’s in store for next season? Are Nancy and Jonathan ever going to end up together? Where is Eleven!?! Will things ever truly be back to normal?

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